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Once the Blog Beast will get released, an entire generation of viral bloggers will improve and advance. We all know how Empower Network improved the life of many internet marketers out there. Top earners such as Tony Rush, Lawrence Tam, Tissa Godavitarne and many others have made tons of money online.

The new Blog Beast program will be called ENv2, from the term Empower Network version 2. Online blogging makes it possible for anyone to earn a few bucks online.

Blog Beast Features

ENv2 will feature many new apps that improve the way a blog works. For example, users will get the chance to blog and upload video/audio materials from all over the world. It seems the current generation of blogging platforms doesn’t have the features ENv2 will have.

Empower Network’s new system allows users to maintain multiple blogs among multiple domains from one account and one login. It is faster and easier to use. More than this, its brand new design helps the user to have more accessibility to work and money making.

Blog Beast Mobile App Review

ENv2 Blog Beast will mostly run to permit mobile blogging. Users will be able to blog from anywhere in the world, from only a smartphone or a tablet. Other blogging platforms such as WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger don’t have such mobile applications. Some of the key features and benefits ENv2 offers can’t be provided by other platforms:

David Sharpe mentioned how difficult working with WordPress and other blogging platforms is. Even though WordPress’s interface was designed to be user-friendly and accessible, it seems things don’t work that way. Sharpe and Wood decided to create something that incorporates features of higher quality and greater resource. They’ve created something that even a grandma could run from the comfort of her own home.

Another essential feature Blog Beast ENv2 provides is the ability to share. The Blog Beast users will be able to reblog posts from other Blog Beast sites, giving the original author credit. The commenting feature will allow readers to share blog posts and their comments on social media platforms with links back to the original blog posts.

Sharpe said he wanted to design a blogging platform on which people can upload content whenever the inspiration strikes. This way, he changed the way viral blogging industry functions. It seems Blog Beast can be run from a tablet and even a phone. What else could someone ask from a blogging platform?

The Blog Beast Training

The training contains materials on blogging, marketing and leadership, as well as a customer relationship management system. The Blog Beast system costs just as much as the old one, which is only $25 a month. Empower Network also offers its 30,000 active affiliates a great compensation plan that is 100% payment in commissions. The number of members is expected to rise dramatically, considering the fact the system will improve.

Empower Network is known as one of the largest blogging communities. ENv2 will provide more material and more educational assistance for the people to learn and practice internet money making at ease.

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